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Alice Gresham (Bullock) - Publications

Selected Publications

“Intervivos Gifts”, Basic Estate Tax Planning, MICPEL (2005)

Challenges Facing the Legal Profession: Perceptions of Divided Justice, 23 Suffolk U.L. Rev. 1 (2000).

125 Years of Women in the Legal Profession: The Legacy of Charlotte E. Ray - Confronting the Credibility Problem (In Progress)

“Taxes, Social Policy and Philanthropy: The Untapped Generosity of Low and Middle Income Taxpayers,” 6 Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy 325 (1997)

“A Dean’s Role in Supporting Recruitment of Minority Faculty,” 10 St. Louis U. Pub. L. Rev. 347 (1991)

“Taxes,” Legal Rights of Children, Horowitz and Davidson, eds. (1984)

“Legal Issues in Mental Health,” Handbook of Mental Health and Mental Disorder Among Black Americans, Dorothy Smith-Ruiz, ed. (1990)

“Safe Harbor Leasing” 19 New Eng. L. Rev. 1 (1984)

updated October 26, 2007