Howard University

Selected Publications


“So Dark the CON(TU) of Man: The Quest for a Software Derivative Work Right in Section 117”, 69 U. Pitt. L. R. 1 (forthcoming Fall 2007);

“Natural Law and Positive Social Utility in the Digital Copyright Age” Ad honorem Ion Dogaru: Studii juridice alese 255 (Editura All Beck, Bucuresti 2005);

“Protecting and Licensing Software” Copyright and Common Law Contract Considerations” The Computer & Internet Lawyer, Vol. 22, No. 3, March 2005 at 13; “Tasini and Its Progeny: The New Exclusive Right Or Fair Use on the Electronic Publishing Frontier?”, 14 Fordham Intell. Property, Media & Ent. L. J. 369 (Winter 2004);

“The Road to the Bench: Not Even Good (subliminal) Intentions”, 8 U. Chi. L. Roundtable 135 (2001);

“Protecting Non-literal Elements of Computer Programs: Comparing the Approaches of Whelan and Altai”, Intellectual Property Counselor, No. 36, at 2, December 1999; “African-American Economic Empowerment Strategies for the New Millennium- Revisiting the Washington-Du Bois Dialectic”, 42 Howard Law Journal 391 (1999).

updated: March 26, 2015