Howard University

About the Faculty

The faculty is comprised of 35 full-time and approximately 35-40 adjunct faculty who have a wide range of practice experiences and backgrounds.

They have been judicial clerks; worked in large, medium and small private practice settings; worked in the public sector and for public interest firms. Members of the faculty received their training at a law schools like Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, George Washington, the University of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Howard, and the University of Virginia.

Our faculty members are productive scholars and often present their research at conferences and symposia, and before governmental bodies. They advance the mission of the law school by serving in leadership roles in the professional legal community and in the communities where they live and work.

These teacher-scholars support a curriculum that prepares students for many areas of law, including but not limited to, civil and human rights, civil litigation, constitutional law, criminal law, business, securities, and commercial law, environmental, intellectual property, tax, family law, and international and comparative law.

To learn more about this diverse faculty of legal experts, please visit:
Howard University School of Law Faculty.

updated: March 26, 2015