Howard University

Alternative ‘08 Spring Break photos


During Spring Break, Professor Ross and Professor Atiba Ellis led a second trip to New Orleans to do legal work. This time 55 students went on the trip and did legal work in a variety of organizations for a variety of causes.

HUSL Students at the Succession Project
Marcia Bowman and Leigh Chapman on Mapping Project
OPD students at courthouse
Professor Ross Organizing
HUSL Event for Young Graduates of Cafe Reconcile
Professor Ross & Nicole Mounsey at New Orleans Courthouse


  • Aaron O’Neal 2L
  • Alberet Asphall 1L
  • Alexis Logan [leader] 2L
  • Amanda Zubiate 1L
  • Amy Hatcher 3L(H)
  • Cameshia Caldwell 2L
  • Chiquita Melvin 1L
  • Christa Forman 2L
  • Clevette Williams 1L (H)
  • Courtney Chaplin 1L
  • Courtney Dixon 1L (H part time)
  • Damien Scott 2L [co-driver van #1]
  • Daniella Gayapersad-Chan 2L
  • Danielle Davis 2L (H)
  • Erin McCoy 3L (H)
  • George Gardner III [leader] 1L
  • Gilles Walters 1L
  • Grisel Meneses (non LS) (H)
  • Jason Rodriguez 1L
  • Jennifer Jordan 2L [leader]
  • Jennifer Lane 2L (H)
  • Joshua Davis 1L
  • Josiah Bournes 1L (H)
  • Joy Mukoro 2L
  • Julio Mathieu 3L
  • Khama Sharp 3L
  • Koryn High 1L [co-driver van #4]
  • Kristyan Gilmore 3L
  • Krysta Copeland 1L
  • Kwame Richardson 3L [leader]
  • Latasha Carter 3L (H)
  • Lawrence Cosby 3L [van #3] [leader]
  • Leigh Chapman 2L (H)
  • Loreal Andrews 1L
  • Marcia Bowman 3L [leader] (H)
  • Melissa Earls 1L (H)
  • Monique Chenault 2L
  • Nicole Mounsey
  • Natalia Meneses 2L (H) (leader)
  • Nnamdi Nwaneri 1L
  • Obi Gideon 1L
  • Patrice Clark 3L (H)
  • Peter Steadman 3L [van #1]
  • Raynard Jones 3L
  • Regina Branch 1L
  • Sean Jamieson 2L [van #2]
  • Shannon Stokes 2L (H)
  • Sheldon Smith 2L [leader]
  • Stacey Keenan 2L
  • Stephanie Maddin 3L [co-driver van #2]
  • Tony Villeral 1L (H part time)
  • Tyechi White 2L
  • Vintricia Alexander 1L (H part time)
  • Whitney Jordan 3L (H)
  • Zila McDowell 1L


  • Orleans Public Defenders
  • Succession (Helping Home Owners)
  • Environmental Justice Louisiana Bucket Brigade
  • Family Law
  • Immigrant Rights (Employment)
  • Louisiana Justice Institute (Mapping Project)
  • New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (Housing)
  • Juvenile Justice Project
  • Loyola Clinic Class action research
  • Safestreets (Expungement Initiative)

There were six other supervisors there: Kenneth Walton, adjunct professor and attorney with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, CeLillianne Green, adjunct professor and former Assistant United States Attorney, Professor Lydie Pierre-Louis of St. Thomas University School of Law, Professor Derek Black (HUSL), and Estela Aspinwall, Budget Analyst at HUSL.

The trip was primarily sponsored by the Chapel on Main Campus. A number of law faculty helped greatly by providing funding for transportation (since many students were located in the ninth ward, far away from their jobs).

Fundraising is on-going to create some kind of scholarship for a student from New Orleans to Howard Law School.