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HUSL 140th Anniversary-Fund

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Howard University and the School of Law has entered a new era of leadership, excellence and service, pursuing initiatives consistent with national and global needs, especially those that most affect our diverse student body.

More than ever, tomorrow’s top-flight attorney must be grounded in a commitment to excellence, informed by the most current trends and information, well-versed in the letter of the law, and prepared to compete for diverse professional opportunities. In order to solidify our commitment, the 140th Anniversary Fund supports three priority areas at the law school−revitalizing infrastructure, strengthening faculty scholarship and broadening access to opportunities in education.

We embrace the future confident that the necessary support for our initiatives will be forthcoming from those who share our commitment to legal education, social justice and excellence in national and global leadership.


Revitalizing Infrastructure | $6 Million

The School of Law’s facilities must not only keep pace with rapidly changing demands in technology and other student needs, but its vitality is integral to the law school’s prominence in legal education. To ensure that the law school campus continues to offer cutting edge facilities - truly a campus for the millennium—the law school seeks a total of $6 million in private support, which will fund infrastructure upgrades such as “smart” classrooms, new study rooms, renovation and furnishing of the former Mercer Daniel Law Library and an endowment for on-going operational expenses.

Strengthening Faculty Scholarship | $3 million

From the beginning, the School of Law has been blessed with distinguished faculty members such as James M. Nabrit, Jr., who developed the nation’s first civil rights law curriculum. Their scholarship helped to produce attorneys, justices, and political leaders who would translate that curriculum into law. A diverse faculty with outstanding capabilities and reputations enhances the school’s reputation and enables the School of Law to provide a high-quality education. Howard’s continuous success in attracting and retaining exceptional educational and research scholars will depend heavily on the School’s ability to offer competitive salaries, enticing academic and research opportunities, and a productive work environment. Support of a world class faculty ensures the production of world class scholarship that reflects our legacy of leadership in curriculum development and broadening access to new areas of the law.

Broadening Access to Education | $1 million

The School of Law is committed to ensuring that deserving students have both the opportunity and the means to earn a degree from the school regardless of their financial circumstances. Moreover, student financial resources help the school remain competitive with other world-class, private schools of law. While Howard University is among the most affordable private law schools in the nation, the cost of attending law school is rising significantly, posing hardship for an increasing number of our students and prospective students. Thus, the school seeks to raise at least $1 million to fund need-based scholarships.


updated: February 19, 2009