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Faculty HighLights-November 2008

November 2008

Professor Ballard-Thrower
Professor Ballard-Thrower will serve as a Chief Election Judge for the 2008 election in Montgomery County on November 6, 2008. .

Crooms, Lisa
On October 3 & 4, 2008, Professor Crooms participated in a human rights education workshop entitled “What Do We Teach When We Teach Human Rights?: Integrating Analysis and Advocacy.” The workshop was convened by Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Human Rights.

Professor Crooms was a discussant for a roundtable entitled: “Integrating Human Rights Advocacy and Academic Study: Tensions and Convergences.”

Gresham, Alice
Professor Gresham Bullock was appointed to the AALS Women and Minority Law Deans Advisory Council.

Herbert, Lenese
Professor Herbert recently published an article, On Precedent and Progeny: A Response to Professor Gabriel J. Chin’s ‘Doubts About Yick Wo in the University Of Illinois Law Review. She also gave a presentation on Alternatives to the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule to Professor Ross’ Criminal Procedure I class on Monday, October 20, 2008.

*Professor Herbert is currently visiting from Albany Law School.

La Rue, Homer
Professor La Rue presented a workshop entitled, Pre-Hearing Issues and Tactics in Employment Arbitration, at the ABA 2nd Annual Section of Labor and Employment Law CLE Conference held in Denver, CO. Professor La Rue was asked to present the workshop at the second CLE conference because of the success of the program at the 1st Annual CLE Conference. The workshop is an interactive program in which an arbitrator and two advocates demonstrate how a pre-hearing conference should be conducted in an employment arbitration matter.

Professor La Rue, and four colleagues, presented a workshop in Boston in October 2008 entitled, Exploring The Crossroads of Diversity and Spirituality. The workshop is an interactive program which focuses on how an understanding of racial diversity issues can be deepened by personal and spiritual insights. The workshop helps participants to explore how those spiritual insights can enhance our work on racial diversity issues in both our work and our personal lives.

Meekins, Tamar
Professor Meekins’ previously published article “Specialized Justice: The Over-Emergence of Specialty Courts and the Threat of a New Criminal Defense Paradigm” (40 Suffolk U. L. Rev. 1) has been included in Professor David B. Wexler’s recently published book, Rehabilitating Lawyers: Principles of Therapeutic Jurisprudence for Criminal Law Practice” (Carolina Academic Press, May 30, 2008). Professor Wexler is widely considered to be the father of Therapeutic Jurisprudence and therefore a supporter of criminal therapeutic specialty courts.

Professor Meekins’ article is one of several that she has written criticizing the current proliferation, implementation and ethics issues inherent in criminal specialty courts. These courts include those focusing on drug abuse, community restoration and domestic violence issues.

Nichols, Cheryl
The Entrepreneurship Institute (ELI) provided Professor Nichols an opportunity to attend a workshop on Graduate Education in Technology Commercialization. This workshop was designed to provide researchers and faculty in science engineering, law and business with an understanding of how technology, law and business interact to facilitate (or impede) innovation. The workshop took place at the Georgia Tech College of Management and the Global Learning and Conference Center from May 1 to May 2, 2008.

On July 10-19, 2008, Professor Nichols conducted research in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which included on-site research at the University of Toronto and personal interviews with the general counsel of Nasdaq Canada, Simon Romano, and the Director of Operations & Regulatory Matters at Alpha Trading Systems (a new Canadian national securities exchange based in Toronto) and former Director of Capital Markets at the Ontario Securities Commission. Her research and personal interviews were an integral component of her upcoming publication “Mutual Recognition Based on Substituted Compliance: The SEC’s New Mandate?” in the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation.

Robinson, Reginald
Professor Robinson will attend the ABA Site Evaluation Workshop in Chicago, IL on November 15, 2008.

Professor Robinson was interviewed on October 30, 2008 by Ms. Dietra Miles of ABC Radio Networks in Dallas, TX on the upcoming, historical, presidential election. The interview will play on November 4, 2008.

Rogers, Sherman
On October 20, 2008, Serge Bhatia, CEO/Franchisee/Owner of a California Tortilla franchise and other businesses spoke in Professor Rogers’ Entrepreneurship, Law and Policy class.

Professor Rogers was the featured presenter at a luncheon sponsored by Howard University Institute for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Innovation on October 28, 2008.

Ross, Josephine
Professor Ross has been invited to present a paper for the University of Baltimore School of Law’s Second Annual Feminist Legal Theory Conference. The Conference is on Applied Feminism: How Feminist Legal Theory is Changing the Law and will occur on March 6, 2009.

She also has accepted an invitation to write a book chapter on the Confrontation Clause to be published by the ABA.

On Election Day, Professor Ross and Professor Ellis worked with the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights to do election protection work at polls in Northern Virginia.

Taslitz, Andrew*
Professor Andrew E. Taslitz has just been appointed to the new Federal Law Subcommittee of the Committee on Policy and Legislation of the American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section. This new Subcommittee’s charge is to review all proposed criminal justice legislation in the new Congress and to examine changes in criminal justice policy or practice of the new Administration, then to make recommendations to the Section leadership, and ultimately the ABA leadership, on the need to express an ABA position on these matters.

Professor Taslitz has also become a participant in the University of Pittsburgh’s interdisciplinary Center for Race and Social Problems and has agreed to present to the Center on the topic of race and innocence. Professor Taslitz, along with Pittsburgh Professor David Harris and Indiana-Bloomington law professor and sociologist Jeanine Bell, has also begun work on an empirical study of search warrant bases in the City of Pittsburgh over the last several years.

Professor Taslitz recently completed his first full meeting of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws Committee on Electronic Recordation of Custodial Interrogations and, as a result, is expected to present draft legislation for that Committee’s consideration in March 2009. He also helped to review draft standards of the ABA Committee on Transactional Surveillance Standards (addressing government surveillance of third parties holding private record information, for example, internet service providers or banks) at its last meeting in Denver, Colorado, and he recently spoke at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law on the role of Fourth Amendment jurisprudence in dampening poor, urban racial minorities’ political power at the state and federal levels. He has further just accepted invitations to speak on a panel on the rape shield laws at this summer’s Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools and to speak on the topic, “Teaching Emotionally Sensitive Topics,” at the July 2009 New Teachers’ Conference of the Association of American Law Schools.

Additionally, Professor Taslitz has just published Ferguson v. City of Charleston: the Feminization of Consent, in THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES (Gale Publishing, 2008); The Guilty Plea State, 2 CRIM. JUSTICE __ (2008) (editor’s introduction to symposium on guilty pleas); Prosecutorial Preconditions to Plea Negotiations: “Voluntary” Waivers of Constitutional Rights, 23 CRIM. JUSTICE __ (2008); and a 2008 Supplement to his co-authored text, EVIDENCE LAW AND PRACTICE (3d ed. 2007).

*Professor Taslitz is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Pittsburg School of Law.

Thomas, Alice
In the summer of 2008, Professor Thomas was an invited consultant and facilitator at the National Carnegie Institute for Developing Scholars of Teaching and Learning, held at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Over three days, Professor Thomas critiqued, probed and encouraged new scholars of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning who were investigating the learning of their students in a deep and systematic way. In addition to working with her mentor group, Professor Thomas was asked to take “cold calls,” meaning faculty or institution teams attending the conference, who wanted a consult at the meeting on a particular curriculum initiative. Professor Thomas worked with a team of five persons, provost, department heads and faculty, working to reform how social justice is incorporated in an integrated curriculum track for majors and non-majors.

Professor Thomas’ participation as a planning member of the Legal Education at the Crossroads – Ideas to Accomplishments: Sharing New Ideas for Integrated Curriculum Conference hosted by the University of Washington, Seattle culminated in the beginning of September when the conference was held. Joined by Judith Wegner (Carnegie Report), Roy Stuckey (Best Practices), Michael Schwartz (Expert Learning for Law Students) and many others, Professor Thomas, joined over 90 participants for an exciting weekend. Topics covered first, second and third year curriculum reforms, subject area specific curriculum reforms, and institutional process, size and type reforms.

Professor Thomas presented a colloquy here at the law school on the Legal Education at the Crossroads conference, introducing her colleagues to the breadth and depth of activity in U.S. and Canadian law schools revolving around the Carnegie Report, Educating Lawyers and the CLEA Report, Best Practices (Stuckey).

On November 6, 2008, Janet Johnson, Deputy Chief/Associate Chief Counsel Criminal Tax and Terry McFields (’02), Special Counsel to the Chief Counsel (Legislation) will speak with Professor Thomas’ Federal Income Taxation Class.

Highlights from the Deans’ Corner

Kurt L. Schmoke
Dean of the Law School
On October 14th, Dean Schmoke moderated a panel discussion on Election Protection at the law school. The panel participants included representatives from both the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee. The program was sponsored by Howard Law Students for Obama.

Dean Schmoke hosted the alumni reception on Friday, October 17th, during the HUSL Alumni Reunion Weekend. Professor Richard P. Thornell was honored during the reception and presented with an award for his dedication and service to the law school. Dean Schmoke also attended the Alumni Prayer Service and Brunch on Sunday, October 19th in the Moot Court Room.

Dean Schmoke hosted the 5th Annual Wiley A. Branton Howard Law Journal Symposium on October 24th.

On October 3oth, Dean Schmoke was the keynote speaker at the Annual Ollie Mae Cooper Awards held at the law school. The program was sponsored by the Washington Bar Association. The Dean addressed the issue of Election Protection.