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Howard Business Law Society

Howard Business Law Society

The mission of the Business Law Society (BLS) is to provide a forum for Howard University School of Law students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the connection between law and business.

BLS is dedicated to educating the student body about topical issues in the field of corporate law, entrepreneurship, securities law and related fields, helping students explore career opportunities in the field of business law, and promoting the school and its students to the business and legal communities.

President: Lindsey Mahoney, 

Lindsey Mahoney is a 3L (section 2) and the President of the Business Law Society for the 2011-2012 school year.

Lindsey graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Concentration in Finance and Option in Human Resource Management.

Lindsey has worked at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in Market Regulation and the Office of the Ombudsman as a Legal Intern and Legal Extern, respectively. She was also a Student Attorney in the Investor Justice and Education Clinic.

Vice President: Nana Sarpong,

Nana K. Sarpong is a 3L (section 1) and the Vice President of the Business Law Society for the 2011-2012 school year.

Nana graduated from the Oho State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in International Business.

Prior to law school, Nana worked in the Asset Management Group at J.P. Morgan.

Nana has worked at Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia and the Office of the General Counsel at the New York City Council.  He is currently a Student Attorney in the Investor Justice and Education Clinic.

Tentative Calendar of Events 2011-2012

Brown-Bag Lunch: Introduction to Business and Securities Careers
Speaker: Professor Nichols
Professor Nichols is a former SEC attorney and Howard securities law professor. She also teaches classes in commercial paper and corporations. Professor Nichols will discuss careers in business and the securities industry, and the various internship opportunities available to law students.

SEC Live
Each fall, the SEC broadcasts one of their open meetings. These meetings are scheduled to consider various regulatory and administrative items. This year, the Business Law Society has been invited to the ABA’s office in DC to attend the meeting, which will be streamed live on the SEC’s website. Space is limited.

Study Skills Session with Lawyer Up! and the Class of 2013 Lawyer Up! will be returning to Howard to conduct a study skills session for first and second year students. In addition to general study suggestions to help students navigate through law school, they will provide a review in Civil Procedure and Constitutional Law.

Representatives from each section of the Class of 2013 will be present to give tips specific to preparing for the 1L professor’s exams.

How to Network Successfully
In conjunction with the Finance Club, a graduate student organization at the School of Business, BLS will host Ms. Kelley Page Jibrell. Ms. Jibrell is an Adjunct Professor at Howard University and Management Consultant at IBM Business Consulting. She will be sharing strategies on how to successfully network and market yourself.

4th Annual Business Law Conference The Business Law Conference will have various panels throughout the day consisting of lawyers from business, government, private practice, and solo practitioners. The attorneys will discuss their careers, current trends and topics in business, securities laws and related fields, and starting your own practice.

Students are encouraged to network with panelists after the event.

Green Business Conference The Howard Energy and Environmental Law Society and the Business Law Society will jointly hold a green business conference. The focus of the event is highlighting companies with environmentally-centered businesses; careers in “green business”; and the “greening” of the stock market. Participants will represent business and the legal field.

Diversity and the Capital Markets Symposium

Section 342 of the Dodd Frank Consumer and Financial Protection Act requires federal agencies tasked with servicing the financial services industry to establish Offices of Women and Minority Inclusion (OWMI). Directors from the OMWI offices, as well as leaders in government, business and the law, will meet to discuss the impact of Section 342 on the capital markets. Papers from the fall semester Diversity and Capital Markets class will be presented.

Community Outreach
Throughout the spring semester BLS will be involved in community outreach programs. Our goal is to participate in financial literacy programs for middle and high school students and older investors. We are currently looking for suggestions from our members who are interested in getting involved.

updated: October 14, 2011