Howard University

Annual Fund FAQs

What is the Annual Fund? This is a term used for the annual fundraising campaigns conducted by the Annual Giving Office Staff. Solicitations are made via the telephone, direct mail, and the internet.

Whom do you contact? Alumni (including non-degree-holding alumni) friends, parents, faculty, staff, and retirees.

Will I get a separate call from my college, school, or department? No. The TeleCenter contacts alumni from each college. You may always inform the student to direct your gift to a particular department or fund. In rare cases, you may also be contacted by a staff person from the University in connection with a special project. We encourage everyone to make a regular annual gift to Howard University. Your participation is important to us.

Where does the money go? To support academic programs exclusively: scholarships, graduate fellowships, library resources, computer upgrades, program enhancements, chairs, professorships, and research that directly benefit the faculty and students here on campus.

How much of my gift really goes where I want it to go? 100%. No donated money is used for salaries or administrative costs.

Why do you conduct a telephone campaign? A significant portion of Howardís budget comes from federal allocations Ė the remainder must come from other sources, such as tuition and private gifts. We find that a quick friendly telephone call from a current student is a pleasant way for you to stay connected to the university, and for the student to be able to explain opportunities to support academic programs.

Where is the TeleCenter located? The sixth floor of the Howard Center and adjacent to the Howard University Book Store. This is a convenient location for our student callers.

Are you really a student at the University? Yes. We employ 25-30 students throughout the year. In some cases, a student may continue working part-time after graduation.

Is the student a volunteer? No. With over 60,000 alumni, plus parents and friends of the University to contact, this provides a wonderful opportunity for students to earn money for college, while gaining valuable office and communications experience

When do you call? Our normal hours of operation are Sunday thru Thursday evenings and occasionally on Saturday for special projects. We comply with all applicable state and federal regulations and do not call after 9 pm.

Why did I get called twice? Typically all alumni should only receive one call from the TeleCenter. Occasionally, you will receive a second call if both you and your spouse or significant other are alumni, or if you are a parent of a current student, or if your child is a graduate of Howard and still living at home according to our records.

Is my gift tax-deductible? Yes, 100%. Once we receive your gift, you will receive a receipt verifying that your gift has been deposited into the account you have specified.

May I use my credit card? Yes - once you receive your pledge card in the mail, you will see instructions for using your Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Is this the Howard University Alumni Association? No. The Howard University Alumni Association seeks memberships from all graduates of Howard University. Annual membership dues are $25. These memberships are not charitable contributions and are not tax deductible. You may find more information about the Howard University Alumni Association at

Can I give to Bison Express through the TeleCenter center? Yes. We can take your Bison Express monies, but we encourage you to visit their website at

May I choose where I want my gift to go? Yes. While unrestricted funds are always needed, many alumni choose to designate a gift to any department, college, scholarship fund, or other academic program at the University.

Can I call you back? Our students only work part-time, in the evenings and on weekends, so itís very difficult to reach the particular student who may have attempted to reach you. You may call our Annual Fund Office at 202-238-2441 with your questions or concern, Monday thru Friday 9:00a.m. until 5:00p.m. EST.

Will my company match my gift? Very possibly! Hundreds of national companies will match a gift by an employee. This can double or even triple your gift to the Howard University. Contact your Human Resources Office for details. Note: spouses of employees, retired employees, and board members are often eligible for the match as well.

How does this work, exactly, if I want to make a gift? Itís easy! Simply tell the student how much you would like to pledge. Then we will send you a letter of appreciation and a pledge card, with all pertinent details spelled out. An envelope will be provided for you to return your gift. Itís that simple!

Can you send me a blank pledge card? Yes. We will be glad to send you a packet of information for you to peruse at your convenience. When you receive this packet, we hope we can count on your participation.

updated: April 18, 2016