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Law Students Return to New Orleans Spring Break 2010


Our school has sent more law students to New Orleans than any other law school in the country. For three years in a row, we have sent over forty students to work on housing with the Pro Bono project, help prisoners through the New Orleans Public Defendersí office, teach high school students the basics of constitutional law, and work on current environmental projects through the National Resource Defense counsel, and other placements.

This March, students are going back, taking a 22 hour bus ride each way and working eight hours a day in projects that will help the people of New Orleans as well as helping their legal education.

Another benefit of this trip is more subtle but equally important. Because of these trips, Howard law students know that it will take many years for the poor people of New Orleans to recover what they lost, if they ever do. By witnessing the devastation of many black communities there and the slow progress back, our students better understand the call to leadership.

Although much of our funding comes from main campus, law students need to raise over ten thousand dollars each year to make sure some basic needs are covered. For example, students need rental vans to get to and from many of their work sites. This year, students are fundraising to help defray lodging costs. Whatever you give is tax deductible.

Donations may be made to ASB Program with the memo line stating: ASB 2010

Attention: JOANNE KESS
Office of the Dean

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updated: February 18, 2010