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Seventh Annual Wiley A. Branton Lecture - Photo Gallery - Part 4

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Jack Chin and Professor Taslitz. Cyrus Vance Jr. delivered the keynote address.
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Law School Professor Tamar Meekins moderated the panel on Lawyering. J. McGregor Smyth presented on the Lawyering panel. Smyth is the project director for the Civil Action Project at the Bronx Defenders.
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Catherine Christian also presented on the Lawyering panel. Christian is the director of legal staff training for the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York. Attorney Margaret Colgate Love served on the Lawyering panel. Love is an expert on executive clemency and restoration of rights.
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Associate Dean Dark conversed with States Attorney Glen Ivey, who would later deliver closing remarks for the Seventh Annual Wiley A. Branton/Howard Law Journal Symposium. Participants Smyth and Love.
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Ivey is the States Attorney for Prince George’s County Maryland. At the end of the Symposium, participants and attendees took time to recap the discussions.
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Mr. Branton, Mrs. Marshall, and guest. Smyth and a Howard Law student.
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Yolanda Vazquez and others. Richard Branton, Mrs. Marshall, and Toni Branton.
Members and staff of the Howard Law Journal.

updated: November 14, 2010