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Seventh Annual Wiley A. Branton Lecture - Photo Gallery - Part 3

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Love and Roberts. The luncheon and awards presentation gets underway in the Dining Hall.
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Mr. Nabrit and Mrs. Marshall at the luncheon. Howard Law Journal Member Leila Siddiky, class of 2012, was the recipient of the Wiley A. Branton Scholar Award for 2009-2010. The award is presented each year to the Howard law student who completes the first year of study with the highest GPA.
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Michael Nemeroff, a partner with sponsor Sidley Austin LLP, presented the award to Ms. Siddiky. Associate Dean Dark congratulated Ms. Siddiky and her family, on behalf of the Howard University School of Law.
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Ms. Siddiky and members of her family, including her parents and fiancé. Nemeroff has presented the award each year to the winner.
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Ms. Siddiky is congratulated by
Siji Moore ’09 and Mia Whang Spiker ’10, both former members of the Howard Law Journal.
District Attorney Vance conversed with a Howard law student.
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Chin, Roberts, and guest conversed during the break. Marla Greenberg, the executive publications editor of the Howard Law Journal.
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Professors Gavil and Roberts. Love and others shared casual moments.
Professor Meekins and Christian.  

updated: November 14, 2010