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Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the Supreme Court of the United States was a special guest at the law school during the Eighth Annual James M. Nabrit Jr. Lecture Series. Justice Sotomayor is pictured above with James M. Nabrit III.
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Howard Law School Professor Patricia Worthy ’69, with James Nabrit III and a guest of the law school. Development Director conversed with Bill Coleman during the lunch break.
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Students eagerly awaited the next event in the James M. Nabrit Jr. Lecture Series program. Coleman prepares to discuss his book Counsel for the Situation, Shaping the Law to Realize America’s Promise.
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Coleman and Howard Law Professor Warner Lawson ’69.
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H. Patrick Swygert ’68, President Emeritus of Howard University and member of the law faculty, introduced Coleman and his daughter, Lovida Coleman.
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Daughter and Dad.
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After a robust discussion about the book, law students asked the Coleman’s many questions.
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Coleman signed dozens of copies of the book. The law school purchased two dozen books and offered them to law students for free.
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Mrs. Cecilia Marshall (center) with law students. Mrs. Marshall was a guest throughout the day at the lecture series.
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Coleman and Law School Alumnus D. Paul Monteiro ’07, shared a few words. Associate Dean Okianer Christian Dark, H. Patrick Swygert, Coleman, Nabrit and the audience in the Moot Court Room awaiting the next event.

updated: March 1, 2011