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Eighth Annual James M. Nabrit Jr., Lecture Series - Photo Gallery Part 2


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Audience members gave a standing ovation to Bill Coleman and his daughter Lovida. Valerie B. Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, was the guest lecturer for the Eighth Annual James M. Nabrit Jr. Lecture Series. Ms. Jarrett delivered a lecture entitled “The Lawyer in Public Service.” Jarrett is pictured above with Law School Dean Kurt Schmoke, Willie Dennis of sponsoring partner K&L Gates, and James M. Nabrit III.
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Jarrett with members of the Nabrit Planning Committee, including (l to r), Dean Schmoke, Jacqueline Young, Dennis, Jo Ann Fax, Jarrett, Nabrit, Dean Dark, and third year law student Geovanny Martinez. Dean Schmoke and Jarrett.
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Jarrett on her way to deliver “The Lawyer in Public Service.” Jarrett warmly greeted Mrs. Thurgood Marshall.
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Jarrett and Paul W. Sweeney Jr., an administrative partner at K&L Gates. Student Bar Association President Brittany McCants, class of 2011, discussed the purpose and occasion of the annual Nabrit lecture series.
Sweeney introduced Guest Lecturer Jarrett.

updated: March 1, 2011