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Eighth Annual James M. Nabrit Jr., Lecture Series - Photo Gallery Part 3


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Jarrett shared with the law students the four abiding principles which have guided her throughout her successful career: passion, integrity, courage, and resilience. Afterwards, law students and others lined up to ask Jarrett some questions about her empowering message.
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School of Law faculty member Cheryl Nichols asked Jarrett about the Obama administrationís policies in regards to the Securities & Exchange Commission.
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As a token of appreciation, the law school presented Jarrett with a copy of its historical picture book, A Legacy of Defending the Constitution, Howard University School of Law, 1869-2009. In spite of her busy schedule, Jarrett took time to speak with members of the audience after her presentation.
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Law school staff members Jo Ann Fax and Diane Gorman with alumnus Paul Monteiro í07.
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After the final lecture of the day, the law school held a lavish reception to thank all of the special guests, students, staff, faculty, visitors, and others who made the Eighth Annual James M. Nabrit Jr. Lecture Series a resounding success. Pictured above, Young with law school supporters Janyce Jefferson and Venida Brown. Dean Schmoke with alumnus Paul Monteiro and William Jawando, both members of the White House staff.
Jarrett said she had a wonderful experience and thanked the law school for inviting her.

updated: March 1, 2011