Howard University

2011 Hooding Ceremony

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Keynote Speaker

Michael Eric Dyson
University Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University


The National Building Museum was the site of the Law School’s Hooding ceremony on Saturday, May 14. The 168 enthusiastic graduates, along with their families and friends, were treated to inspirational messages by Student Bar Association President Brittany McCants and Class President Rachel Johnson, who implored their classmates to work hard, excel, and be proud of their Howard degrees.

The keynote speaker was Michael Eric Dyson, professor of law at Georgetown University and noted author and radio and TV personality. Law School Dean Kurt L. Schmoke, the faculty, staff, and administrative officials of the School of Law also congratulated the graduates on their achievement. Earlier in the day, the law school graduates were conferred their degrees by Howard University President Sidney A. Ribeau and the Howard University Board of Trustees.

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updated: May 25, 2011