Howard University

Naming Gifts

Opportunities exist at many levels for donors to support the University while memorializing themselves, mentors, or loved ones.

To match the Howard University School of Law’s investment in the future of international legal education, the Law School is seeking a total of $20 million in private support. Exclusive naming opportunities, ranging from the entire Law Library to an open study carrel, have been created to acknowledge those who rise to this historic challenge.

The walkway to the main entrance of the new Law Library will bear the names of the Library’s pioneer supporters. The veranda’s 600 granite bricks are arranged in a circular mosaic with interior and exterior patterns called the “Supreme Court.” Each exclusive Supreme Court brick will be etched with the donor’s name and class year. To learn more about these named giving opportunities, please contact the Law School’s Development Office. We would be more than pleased to discuss areas and collections that hold the most meaning for you.

The Supreme Court

In the veranda of the Grand Atrium entrance to the new Law Library, names of Howard’s generous benefactors will be etched unto the granite walkway. As generations of students, faculty, alumni and friends enter the library, your name will be on full display as a lasting tribute of the University’s gratitude for your support. Gifts made at the following levels will ensure that your name remains at the School of Law in the years ahead:

$1,000 – Amicus Etching

Your name will be etched in the outside square of The Supreme Court among 500 generous alumni and friends.

$5,000 – Barristers Etching

Your name will be etched in the inside square of The Supreme Court among 100 of the School of Law’s most committed family members. As a small token of our gratitude, you will receive a certificate with a stencil of the actual etching of your name in The Supreme Court at both levels.

The Judiciary Level:

$25,000 + Named Study Carrel

In one of the Library’s 90 study carrels, your name and special message will be prominently placed on a commemorative plate. You will also receive a special certificate of appreciation from the University’s leadership and a one-year subscription to the Howard Law Journal.

$10,000 + Endowed Book Fund

Your gift will establish an endowment which will enable the Library to add to its collection. Your name will be printed on the plate of each book that your generosity brings to the library. You will also receive a special a certificate of appreciation from the University’s leadership.

$2,500 + Study Seat Commemorative Nameplate

For a gift at this level, you a plate bearing your name will be placed on a chair in one of the libraries study carrels or reading rooms. The nameplate will forever mark your support of the School of Law.

Making an Enduring Difference

Howard School of Law has for well over a century educated attorneys who have made a lasting difference in our nation. The new Law Library will ensure that this remarkable tradition continues in the new century and beyond. As a way to pay tribute to those members of the Howard family who care deeply about the School of Law – its past, present and future – we have set aside exclusive naming opportunities that will make enduring differences in the ways we prepare our students for the future.

These opportunities span from classrooms and lecture halls, to entire buildings. Gifts at these levels support academic endeavors that are close to your heart. Moreover, they ensure that your name or the name of someone you hold dear will endure at the Law School for generations to come. With minimum amounts of $10,000 to $1.5 million, you can establish:

Endowed Chair $1,500,000+

To attract and recognize distinguished faculty and scholars

Distinguished Professorship $500,000+

To support the teaching and research of outstanding faculty

Visiting Professorship $250,000+

To bring prominent teachers and scholars to campus for a semester or year

Fellowship $100,000+

To support the research and scholarship of outstanding graduate students

Lectureship $50,000+

To provide support for the living and travel expenses of guest invited to give lectures and seminars on campus

Endowed Scholarship $10,000+

To ensure that a Howard education remains available to all qualified students, regardless of their financial circumstances

updated: July 28, 2015