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Howard Law Victimized by Big Lie

“Howard Law Victimized by Big Lie”

Recently the Howard University School of Law Office of Career Services has been tainted by a false accusation that has been picked up by a writer in the Huffington Post and spread across the Internet. The article repeats a claim made by a man named Raynard Jackson that he contacted the Law School’s Office of Career Services offering to place students in jobs with federal government agencies and that the law school failed to follow up on this offer. Mr. Jackson has contacted the director of the Office of Career Services to apologize for his statement, but he has not made his apology public.

When confronted by the fact that neither of the two women in that office ever spoke to him as he claimed, he stated that he can’t be sure which office he called. He says he may have called an office on main campus (which is three miles from the law school), but he does not know for sure where he called. He does know it was not the law school as he first wrote.

We would have ignored this matter, but for the fact that the lie was repeated in another article. Also, because we consistently have about two hundred employers on campus interviewing our students for jobs, we do not want the impression to be given that Howard Law School fails to provide employment opportunities for its students to pursue. We are proud of the work of our director of Career Services, and we would be happy to discuss our efforts on behalf of our students with any reporter who chooses to seek the facts. Thus far, none who have written about us recently have afforded us the opportunity to discuss the facts.

I hope this provides some balance to this matter.

Kurt Schmoke, Dean
Howard University School of Law
November 7, 2011

updated: November 7, 2011