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Jennifer Sass, Patrice Simms, and Elliott Negin, Nanotechnologies: The Promise and the Peril, 7 SUSTAINABLE DEV. LAW & POLICY 3 (Spring 2006).

Dimple Chaudhary, Albert Huang, and Patrice Simms, Making Environmental Justice a National Priority, RESPONSIVE PHILANTHROPY (Summer 2006).

Patrice Simms and John Walke, ‘B’ Is for Best: BACT Analysis Under the Clean Air Act’s PSD Program, EM (Nov. 2006).

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Lashof et al., Coal in a Changing Climate, NRDC Issue Paper (FEB. 2007).

Fields, Huang, Rotkin-Ellman, Simms, Solomon, Katrina’s Wake, Arsenic-Laced Schools and Playgrounds Put New Orleans Children at Risk, NRDC Issue Paper (Aug. 2007).

Benfield et al., After Katrina, New Solutions for Safe Communities and a Secure Energy Future, NRDC Report (Sept. 2005).
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