Howard University

Balance and Wellness Taskforce to
Sponsor a Healthfair


Attendees can get free health screenings, advice on nutrition and healthy eating, and even safety tips! There will also be a guest speaker, free food, and lots of fun!

The Balance and Wellness Taskforce was established by the Office of Student Affairs to address fitness, mental health awareness, substance abuse awareness, and healthy living in general, among all members of the law school community.

The taskforce has sponsored kickball games between students, staff, and faculty, and other on-campus wellness programs.

Balance & wellness Taskforce
At Howard University School of Law

The Balance and Wellness Taskforce was created by the Office of Student Affairs to address some of the issues that have been pointed out by faculty, staff, and students as areas of concern within the law school community. The ultimate goal of the Taskforce is to partner with student organizations and other outside sponsors to host monthly activities that will promote awareness for all of the aforementioned sub-groups. The Taskforce currently has six members, Dione Traci Duckett, Associate Dean for Student Affairs; Patrice Simms, Associate Professor; Eileen Santos, Assistant Director for the Law Library; Harrison Smith, Class of 2012; Alexandra Robinson, Class of 2013; and Michael Andry, Class of 2013. These six members are divided into three sub-groups that focus on mental health awareness, substance abuse awareness, and nutrition/fitness awareness.

Faculty, staff, and student input will be the driving force behind the types of activities that take place. A recent survey of the Class of 2014 returned results that show a desire for programming such as on-campus peer counseling resources and on-campus organized exercise options, as well as healthier options in the café. There will be on-going activities sponsored by the Taskforce in conjunction with student organizations and Sodexo. Examples of activities include health fairs, an Active Minds student group, a Peer-2-Peer counseling program, Wellness Wednesdays, and organized exercise groups. Each month, we will have a Balance & Wellness ‘theme’ and different activities will be sponsored throughout the month in conjunction with the theme. Tentative programming themes include: Women’s Health and Fitness, World Mental Health, Breast Cancer Awareness, Diabetes Awareness, Active Minds “Stress Out Week”, National Hand Washing Awareness Week, Men’s Health and Fitness, Heart Health, Nutritional Awareness, and Substance Abuse.

On Friday, March 30th, the Balance and Wellness Taskforce sponsored a kickoff event to introduce the Taskforce and its plans for future programming to the law school community. The event was a kickball game—Students versus Faculty & Staff. Despite the weather, we had a great turn-out. It was a good time for all. The students were ahead most of the game, but faculty and staff rallied to a victory—thanks to Dean McGahee’s home run!

Students, faculty, and staff came out to play on and support the teams. Sodexo’s Chef Jackie served as the referee, and members of the staff organized a cheer squad for Team FACSTAFF. Community volunteer participants included Lexis, Bloomberg, Active Minds, the DC Bar Legal Assistance Program, Everyday WOW (Lorenita Lucas), the Howard University Business Law Society with the Be the Match Registry, and Gold’s Gym.

This kick-off was just the beginning of the programming that the Task Force hopes will address many of the concerns that have been raised by faculty, staff, and students pertaining to the overall health and wellness the law school community. If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved, please contact the student chair for the Taskforce, Alexandra Robinson, at or stop by the Office of Student Affairs, where there is an anonymous drop box for any comments or questions. We encourage partnerships with student organizations and individuals for programming and ideas.

The students, staff, and faculty who participated in the first ever taskforce kickball game!

Students in the class of 2015 took on staff of the Law School
as their intro to Balance & Wellness at the School of Law.






updated: January 27, 2013