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SBA & Class Organization Officers

School Year Initiative: Break The Cycle - Engaging the student body in social justice lawyering, greater transparency with administration and stronger resources for organization advancement.

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government at the Howard University School of Law, and all enrolled law students are considered members.

Elected by and representing over 400 students, the SBA serves as a liaison between the student body and the law school’s administration.

Through our activities and initiatives, we strive to further legal education; promote fellowship and goodwill among the students, faculty, and administration; and advocate the concerns raised by the student body. The SBA is also responsible for overseeing the various student organizations at the law school, which includes the appropriation of funds.

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2016-HUSL Mannequin Challenge

2016-2017 - SBA Executive Board

Lauren Jackson
Room 100, Holy Cross Hall

Chavez Adams

Stanton Burke

Johnathan Nixon

Ashley Beard
Chief of Staff

The 2016-2017 SBA Staff:

Brittney Sealy
Social Media Manager

Prentiss Giboney
Corresponding Secretary

Selena Motley & Khaair Morrison
Social Action Chairs

Devon Barnett & Melody Godbolt
Alumni Engagement

Dana McCann
ABA Representative

Current Class Officers

Class of 2017
President Luis Orengo
Vice-President Jennifer Moore
Treasurer Omore Okhomina
Secretary Jennifer Hill

Class of 2018
President Lakeisha Mays
Vice-President Camille Alexandre
Treasurer Kandyce Hall
Secretary Joshua Solite

Class of 2019
President Darica Fenner
Vice-Presdient Emerson Lovell
Treasurer Kanysha Phillips

Contact information:

Student Bar Association
Room 100, Holy Cross Hall

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updated: January 3, 2017