Howard University

SBA & Class Organization Officers

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the governing body of the law students at Howard University School of Law. The SBA acts as the primary liaison between the law students and the School administration. Through its activities, the SBA endeavors to further legal education, promote fellowship and goodwill among students, faculty and the administration, and advocate the concerns of the law students. In addition, the SBA coordinates student activities and organizations, and is charged with appropriating funds for these student activities and student organizations.

The SBA seeks to represent all of the students of the Howard University School of Law in order to enhance our moral, political, and intellectual development; to further the ethical ideals of the profession during our law school training; and to increase our knowledge and understanding of the substance and procedure of the law.

The focus of the 2013-2014 school year will be on developing the well-rounded and versatile student. In addition to out own programming, we will be working with the Dean to support him in his bar passage initiative for the Class of 2014. The administration will also host a series of professional development seminars. We also hope to foster and maintain relationships with our alumni and community.

The 2013-2014 class officers are:

Edward W. Hill
Student Bar Association
(202) 806-8089
Room 105, Holy Cross Hall

Monique Cobb
Student Bar Association
(202) 806-8091
Room 100, Holy Cross Hall

Alana Sisnett
Student Bar Association

Quinette Bonds
Chief Financial Officer
Student Bar Association

Class of 2014 SBA Reps
Louis McDonald
China Dickerson

Class of 2015 SBA Reps
Justin Morrison
Etherial Edetan

Class of 2016 SBA Reps
Najee Thorton
Thais Ridgeway

updated: November 1, 2013