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2016-HUSL Mannequin Challenge

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government at the Howard University School of Law, and all enrolled law students are considered members.

Elected by and representing over 400 students, the SBA serves as a liaison between the student body and the law school’s administration.

Through our activities and initiatives, we strive to further legal education; promote fellowship and goodwill among the students, faculty, and administration; and advocate the concerns raised by the student body. The SBA is also responsible for overseeing the various student organizations at the law school, which includes the appropriation of funds.

The 2015-2016 school year will focus on implementing the Know The Facts initiative:

FLEXIBILITY: Reform the course schedule to be conducive to externships and off-campus job opportunities.

ALUMNI: Develop a school-wide alumni-mentoring program to connect HUSL students with alumni mentors working in fields related to student interests.

COMMUNICATION: Increase communication between faculty and students regarding access to grades, financial aid, facilities and maintenance, etc.

TRANSPARENCY: Increase transparency between students and faculty regarding the state of the campus, processes and major decisions.

SCARCITY: Creating a culture that ends the belief that there are only a few jobs for the Top 10%. Ensure that all students have the career options they desire. Also, increase the number of bar courses and elective classes offered at HUSL.


The 2015-2016 class officers are:

Claudy Bince
Room 100, Holy Cross Hall

Derrick Petit

Ebony Brown

Nadia Baksh

The 2015-2016 SBA Staff:

Nairuby Beckles
Chief of Staff

Prentiss Giboney
Corresponding Secretary

Jessica Smith & Scottie Carter

Lauren Jackson
Social Media Manager

Joseph Dillard & Olufunlola Adeoye
Main Campus Liaisons

Charles Hurley
ABA Representative

Contact information:

Student Bar Association
Room 100, Holy Cross Hall

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updated: March 7, 2016