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Epsilon Sigma Iota Sorority, Incorporated (ESI) was founded on November 4, 1920, at Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C. It was later incorporated on June 17, 1921.


Spring 2013 Membership


Epsilon Sigma Iota Sorority, Incorporated (ESI) was founded on November 4, 1920, at Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C. The sorority was founded by Pearl Beldon, Willie Hazel Blount, Ollie May Cooper, Margaret DuBose, May Corinne Martin, Bertha C. McNeil, Zephyr Abigail Moore, and Gladys Tignor Peterson. It was later incorporated on June 17, 1921.

The organization was chartered with a threefold purpose. First, the sorority was to serve as a tool to motivate women to become lawyers. Second, it was to serve as a conduit to placing female Howard Law graduates in meaningful legal careers. Finally, it was to create a useful network of female graduates.


To encourage women to assume leadership positions in law school and throughout the legal community, to provide opportunities for networking and mentorship, and to promote the role of women as legal practitioners, academicians and scholars. The Sorority is to serve as a vehicle for achieving these goals, with an ultimate aim of facilitating the overall advancement of women, especially those of African descent, in the legal profession. While ESI’s mission continues to encompass the focus of networking and mentorship that was established by our founders, we have additionally committed ourselves to community outreach and economic development.

ESI seeks to empower women through programs that focus on academic, professional and personal development. Most importantly, we encourage women to assume leadership positions at the law school and in the greater legal community.


Epsilon Sigma Iota, incorporated in 1921, was founded for social and educational purposes, and to induce other women to enter into the study of law. Today, our focus has expanded to include promoting the advancement of women in the legal profession, especially those of color and from disadvantaged backgrounds, for the ultimate purpose of achieving a better, more prosperous society.


Please feel free to help support the mission and purpose of Epsilon Sigma Iota Sorority Inc. by donating to our organization. If you are interested in contributing, please contact our Treasurer. Contributions contact information:, or


Mock Contracts Exam

Each year the Sorority hosts a Mock Contracts Exam which provides 1L students the opportunity, to participate in a mock Contracts exam to prepare for their 5 credit Contracts course’s midterm and final. After completion of the mock exam, members of the sorority from each section, who were successful in their respective Contracts courses review the exams and provide feedback to participating students. Professors who participate in this program are provided with copies of student exams and encouraged to review the mock exams with students during office hours.

Additional study tips (Academic Achievement Resources) are provided to participating students throughout the remainder of the academic year.

The afternoon tea is a mix and mingle event usually held in the fall semester. The purpose of this event is to bring the women of the law school community together in fellowship.

Both students and teachers are invited. After a brief welcome, the professors provide the students with advice and encouragement.

Networking 101
Networking 101 generally takes place during ESI Week, where a panel of sorority alumnae discuss important “do’s and don’ts” of networking in various settings.

Attendees are given the opportunity to ask legal professionals specific questions about successful networking skills. The Program is followed by a networking reception.

2013-2014 Executive Board
President Cindy Unegbu
Vice-President Ashley Sawyer
Treasurer Brittany Williams
Secretary Ashley Futrell
Membership Intake Chair Tiana Towns
Parliamentarian Tabitha Ferrer
Community Service Chair Pembe Besingi
Historian Latisha Spence-Rivera
Sisterhood Chairs Skylah Mitchell &
Dominique Wales
Alumnae Liasion Cadene Russell
Social Chair Ashley Foote
National Chapter Delegate Mercedes Knight


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2013 Membership Intake Class
    1. Pembe Besingi
    2. Ashley Cross
    3. DeNealia Cunningham
    4. Tabitha Ferrer
    5. Ashley Foote
    6. Ashley Futrell
    7. Felecia Hunter
    8. Mercedes Knight
    9. Skylah Mitchell
    10. Cadene Russell
    11. Latisha Spence-Rivera
    12. Dominique Wales
    13. Brittany Williams
2012 Membership Intake Class
    1. Alexia Brown
    2. Darra Demps
    3. Karen Egbuna
    4. Tamika Hawkins
    5. Erika James
    6. Brandi Lofton
    7. Melissa Lovell
    8. Ashley Reece
    9. Ashley Sawyer
    10. Tiana Towns
    11. Brandi Twiggs
    12. Cindy Unegbu
    13. Sierra Wallace

2011 Membership Intake Class
    1. Kendra Courtney Adjei
    2. Auborn Finney
    3. Gabrielle Hall
    4. Laura Harding
    5. Samantha Hoagland
    6. Jackie Ihekwaba
    7. L’Kel Little
    8. Mikhaila McNicholls
    9. Amber Melton
    10. Yolanda Melville
    11. Taneka Miller
    12. Michelle Mills
    13. Nadine Mompremier
    14. Jasmine Negron
    15. Angela Porter
    16. Violet Richardson
    17. Courtney Scrubbs
Honorary Members
    1. Alice Thomas
    2. Ursula Tracy Doyle
    3. Marsha Echols

Spring Intake Class of 2010
    1. Stella Adegite
    2. Taris Burgess
    3. Katina Chase
    4. Nicole Grant
    5. Tamika Griffin
    6. Sha-Kara Jackson

Spring Intake Class of 2009
    1. Stacy Allen
    2. Jessica Cooper
    3. Kristin Dobbs
    4. Aliciamarie Johnson
    5. Rachel Johnson
    6. Nadia Jones
    7. Leila Khazra
    8. Taylor Lewis
    9. Margarita Macon
    10. Alexius Parraway
    11. Deenea Shepherd
    12. Fathia Touray

Spring Intake Class of 2008
    1. Kemba Bowles
    2. Christina Calloway
    3. Courtney Dixion
    4. Izu Emeagwali
    5. Koryn High
    6. Jeanne Laurenceau
    7. Ashley Lawson
    8. Regine Pointdujour

Spring Intake Class of 2007
    1. Megan Boler
    2. Regina Brooks
    3. Tracy Burgess
    4. Shara Chang
    5. Danielle Davis
    6. Christa Forman
    7. Lindsay Hamilton
    8. Michele Jones
    9. Denise Linton
    10. Natalia Menesese-Brooks
    11. Jennifer Na
    12. Chanda Rice
    13. Valerie Rivers
    14. Shaili Shah
    15. Shannon Stokes
    16. Tiffany Tucker
    17. Krystal Williams

Intake Class of 2006
    1. Gina Antillus
    2. Lynettra Artis
    3. Marcia Bowman
    4. LaTasha Carter
    5. Nina Frant
    6. Tina Greene
    7. Amy Hatcher
    8. Whitney Jordan
    9. Maria Lloyd
    10. Ayana Robertson
    11. April Williams

Intake Class of 2005
Intake Class of 2004
  1. Shabnam Ahmed
  2. Joye Anderson
  3. Kasara Davidson
  4. Shirlethia Franklin
  5. Josephine Harriott
  6. Stephanie Harris
  7. Kamilah House
  8. Erin Johnson
  9. Tia Lance
  10. Angela Lipscomb
  11. Ekwutozia Nwabuzor
  12. Tony Sweeney
  13. Alexis Sykes
  14. Diana Vilmenay
  15. Reyna Walters
  1. Lenye Adams
  2. Racquel Callender
  3. Shannon Davis
  4. Stacey Demps
  5. Keri Foster
  6. Shrena Fraser
  7. Charlotte Grissom
  8. Sasha Hodge-Wren
  9. Michelle Miller
  10. Bernice Mireku
  11. Autumn Montague
  12. Adeyinka Oyesile
  13. Kristen Phinnessee
Intake Class of 2003
Intake Class of 2002
  1. Dalila Best
  2. Alesia Black
  3. Miesha Darrough
  4. Carmiece Graves
  5. Jennifer Hare
  6. Janelle White-Jones
  7. Fasha Lewis
  8. Lani Shaw
  9. Tameka Simmons
  10. Natalie Ward
  11. Rachel Zinman
  1. Nebiat Baaraz
  2. L’Erin Barnes
  3. Stephanie Bea
  4. Salihah Essed
  5. Genelle Francis
  6. Da’Net Henderson
  7. Antoinette Kirwan
  8. Stacy Ann Llwellyn
  9. Jocelyn Newman
  10. Nkechinyem Nwabuzor
  11. Ericka Thompson
  12. Natasha A. Yates
Honorary Members
    1. Rhea Ballard-Thrower
    2. Okianer Christian Dark
    3. Dione Duckett
    4. Alice Gresham-Bullock
    5. Laurence Nolan
    6. Patricia Worthy


If you are interested in establishing a law school chapter or Alumni chapter of Epsilon Sigma Iota Sorority, Incorporated, please contact the National Advisory Board at the following:

Epsilon Sigma Iota Sorority, Incorporated
Attention: National Advisory Board
2900 Van Ness Street, NW
410 Notre Dame Hall
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: (202) 806-8258


Epsilon Sigma Iota Sorority, Incorporated
Howard University School of Law
2900 Van Ness Street, NW
Room 410, Notre Dame Hall
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: (202) 806-8258

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