Howard University

Foreign Currency

Howard University greatly appreciates cash donations in any form, including foreign currency, U.S. dollars drawn on foreign banks or foreign “dollars.” Howard gives its donors gift credit in U.S. dollars for the value of the donation, based on current exchange rates the day the contribution is received.

It is important to note that Howard often incurs bank fees when processing these types of gifts, usually a $50 U.S. fee for foreign currency or checks drawn on foreign banks. U.S. currency items drawn on foreign banks will be assessed fees ranging from $2.00 to $35.00.

At times when the fees associated with a gift of this type outweigh the gift itself, Howard must decline and respectfully ask that the donation be made via U.S. dollars or made payable with a check drawn on a U.S. bank.

Please consult your financial institution for more information on the current US exchange rates, or visit to access exchange rates for most any foreign currency.

updated: July 12, 2016