Howard University

Advice for Preparing for Law School

Investing in law school can put you on the path that leads to professional and personal success, and Howard University School of Law is committed to helping you make this investment possible. Howard University is among the most affordable private law colleges in the nation. Financial assistance for law school generally comes as either merit-based scholarships or financial aid in the form of loans.

A student’s financial aid package or a combination of awards - including scholarships (both from the law school and from outside sources), loans, grants, and work awards, cannot exceed the total cost of attendance for a nine-month academic year.

The cost of attendance is determined by Howard University and includes an allowance for tuition, fees, books, and basic living expenses. Students are required to inform the School of Law’s Financial Aid Office if they receive an award that is not reflected in the university’s “Notice of Financial Aid Award” letter.*

updated: April 20, 2016