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Howard Intellectual Property Program

Howard University School of Law is a leading advocate for human and civil rights. The Howard IP Program embodies that leadership in the area of intellectual property by examining and seeking to use intellectual property and intellectual property law to advance social justice in the United States and the global community. The Howard IP Program includes the IP curriculum, student organizations centered on IP generally, sports and entertainment law, and IP issues in the fashion industry.

HIPP students have obtained national recognition, most recently Candice Jones, who was awarded the prestigious, national Sidney B. Williams AIPLEF Scholarship.

Recently HIPP held a reception at the law school for our new dean, Dean Danielle Holley-Walker, which was attended by members of the federal judiciary and prestigious IP law firms as well as numerous alums working in IP and students interested in careers in IP.

Howard Intellectual Property Program Reception -
November 19, 2014

“ThinkTech Television Show (Life in the Law), “The Importance of Transnational Intellectual Property Law to Hawaii”.

updated: January 7, 2015