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Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, International Business Law, International Law

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Professor Motala is a native of Durban, South Africa, and was active in the struggle for liberation in South Africa. He received his B.A. and LL.B. degrees from the University of Natal (South Africa). He has an LL.M. and an SJ.D degree from Northwestern University in Chicago.

He is an authority on international law, constitutional law, and comparative law. Currently, he is Professor of Law and also Director of the Howard University School of Law Comparative and International Law program in South Africa conducted at the University of Western Cape. Professor Motala has served as the coordinator of a one week seminar on the Protection of Human Rights in Africa conducted by the International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences Conference in Conjunction with the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Bureau, and the United Nations Center for Human Rights.

He also served as the Extraordinary Professor of Law at the University of Western Cape. Prof. Motala has written extensively in his areas of interest. He is the co-author of Constitutional Law Analysis and Cases with Cyril Ramaphosa formed Secretary General of the African National Congress and Chairman of the Constitutional Assembly of South Africa. He has also authored Constitutional Options For a Democratic South Africa: a Comparative Perspective. He has co-edited, The Protection of Human Rights in African Criminal Proceedings with M.C. Bassiouni.

He is the author of over 30 law review and op-ed articles. He is still actively involved in various projects pertaining to legal reform in South Africa.


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updated: April 8, 2013