Howard University

Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of the Academic Dean is primarily concerned with the internal administration and operation of the academic program in the law school. In that regard, this office is responsible for preparing the Academic Calendar, course schedules and related documentation for Banner, handling Independent Study project requests, signing student program cards such as overrides during registration/withdraws and special grade reports, preparing the examination schedule and managing the examination conflicts as well as being involved in the day to day administration of the examination process during the examination period.

This office is involved in the planning for all major lectures and programs held at the law school. In addition, this office enforces all academic policies as well as develops administrative and academic policies (as needed) for faculty approval. We ensure compliance with the grade normalization policy by all full-time and adjunct faculty; manage/mediate academic grievances filed by students against faculty members and supervises the faculty evaluations by students for all courses.

This office is also responsible for faculty development and support; troubleshooting faculty-student issues; hiring, supporting and supervising adjunct professors; preparing supplemental faculty and adjunct faculty manuals and organizing new full-time and adjunct faculty orientations.

This office has primary responsibility for preparing reports and questionnaires for the ABA, AALS, Howard University Internal Reports and information requests related to faculty and/or the academic program and U.S. News & World Reports Annual Law School Survey are handled by this office.

The Academic Dean is chair of the Academic Programs Committee for the law school which reviews curricular proposals and academic policies; represents the law school on the Universityís Research Council and on other committees and/or programs as designated by the Dean. The Academic Dean represents the law school in the Deanís absence at faculty and/or university meetings and at other functions as needed or designated by the Dean.

In addition to the duties and responsibilities outlined above, from the summer of 2006 through the end of the spring 2008, this office will provide primary support to the Self-Study Committee and its subcommittees in preparation for the Re-accreditation visit of the ABA and AALS in spring 2008.