Howard University


As a leading national law school, Howard University School of Law is proud of the diversity of our student body. We attract students of demonstrated ability from every section of the country. Admission to the School of Law is very competitive. We receive more than 2,500 applications each year and enroll about 150 first-year students each fall. An applicant must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university before enrolling at Howard University School of Law.

We recommend no particular pre-legal course of study or single major for candidates who seek admission. However, prospective students are encouraged to concentrate their studies on courses that develop analytical skills and effective written and oral expression. We seek to admit a diverse group of men and women who are academically well qualified, possess self-discipline, and have a demonstrated motivation to succeed in an academic environment. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis from October through June. Entering law students are admitted for the fall semester only.

The selection process is both qualitative and highly selective. While LSAT scores and undergraduate grade point averages (UGPA) are important elements, other factors are also significant in a admissions decision. In recent years, the average Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) score for accepted students has been 154 and the average UGPA is 3.4 on a 4.0 scale. The Admissions Committee seeks the strongest candidates, those whose past academic performance and LSAT scores predict exceptional performance in law school, and those whose academic and other experiences will enrich the educational program of the school. The Committee considers the level and rigor of undergraduate courses taken, letters of recommendation, graduate course work (if appropriate), employment during and after college, extracurricular activities, potential for service to the profession, and educational diversity.

The Admissions Committee, comprised of the assistant dean for admissions plus faculty members and students, selects the members of the entering class. The committee looks first at the candidate’s LSAT score and the UGPA. Applicants with the highest LSAT score and UGPA are the most likely candidates for admission. The goal of our Admissions Committee is to consider each individual applicant’s full range of qualitative factors that are demonstrative of the successful study of law and of service as a member of the legal profession. In addition, our committee is cognizant of the educational mission of Howard University, the critical role that students play in educating one another, and the diverse needs of the legal profession. Thus, in choosing from the pool of qualified candidates, our committee considers the diversity of the class as a whole.

updated: December 10, 2012