Howard University

Merit-Based Scholarships

The Law School has generous scholarship programs that reward academic achievement. Through the Merit Fellows Program, eligible students are awarded scholarships up to, and in some cases exceeding, the cost of tuition and fees. The Admissions Committee makes the initial award of a Renewable Merit Scholarship. The award is based on the applicant’s undergraduate academic achievements, including but not limited to LSAT score, undergraduate GPA (UGPA), letters of reference, and personal statement. Each year, approximately 75 merit scholarships, ranging from $5000 to $30,000 are awarded. Merit Fellow awards are renewable for two subsequent years of study, provided the student maintains the required class rank. International students in the J.D. program are also considered for these awards.

Students not awarded a Merit Scholarship at the time of admission are recognized for exceptional academic performance upon completion of two semesters of full-time course work. Depending on class rank or section rank, the student may be awarded a performance scholarship. The Admissions and Financial Aid Committee will determine the amount of the renewable performance scholarship awarded for a particular ranking.

If the performance scholarship amount for a particular student exceeds the renewable scholarship amount for that student, the student will be renewed for the next two semesters at a higher amount.

updated: April 18, 2016