Howard University

Aderson B. Francois-Publications

To Go Into Battle with Space and Time: Emancipated Slave Marriage, Interracial Marriage, and Slave Marriage, 13 Iowa Journal of Gender, Race & Justice 105 (2009)

Only Connect: The Right to Community and the individual Liberty Interest in State-Sponsored Racial Integration, 112 Penn State Law Review 985 (2008)

Making out the Ghost behind the Words: Approaching Legal Text With Psychological Intelligence, in Affective Lawyering, (North Carolina Press 2007)

Thinking like a Lawyer, 81 N.D. L. Rev. 795 (2005).

Making out the Ghost behind the Words, collected in Affective Lawyering (forthcoming Fall 2006);

The Lawyering Map, (forthcoming Fall 2006)

Lawyering by the Book: Theories of Practice (2004)

Five briefs to the Supreme Court in four separate cases:

updated: April 24, 2013