Howard University

Brown @ 50: Fulfilling the Promise

Howard University and the Howard University School of Law played historic roles leading to the 1954 decision in
Brown v. Board of Education and thereafter in cases and legislation designed to realize its promise. The Brown@50 website contains short biographies of key people involved in the case, a chronology of cases and events relating to it, a brief history of Brown and its aftermath, and the full text of many key civil rights cases before and after Brown, and the historic events leading up to and following Brown. The website also includes information about HUSL’s activities in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the decision.

The Brown@50 website is designed to help educate the public about the significance of this landmark decision, to honor the heroes of Brown, and encourage the current and the next generation of civil rights leaders as well as the general public to discuss Brownís ideals and their meaning in the world today. In its year-long commemoration of the decision, the School of Law was honored to host a series of lectures, intergenerational panel discussions, community meetings, and other educational projects to advance these goals.

The Howard University School of Law continues to strive to fulfill the promise of Brown through using law to work toward social justice in many areas of society including such diverse matters as criminal justice, intellectual property, voting rights, employment discrimination, and more.

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