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Associate Judge Inez Smith Reid

Judge Inez Smith Reid
was appointed to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals by President Clinton in 1995. Judge Reid was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but was raised in Washington D.C. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree form Tufts University, a law degree from Yale Law School, a Master of Arts from UCLA, a Ph.D. from Columbia and Master of Laws in the Judicial Process from the University of Virginia School of Law. Judge Reid served as General Counsel for the New York State Division for Youth and Deputy General Counsel for Regulation Review for the old federal Department of Health, Education and Welfare. She has served as Inspector General for the EPA and also engaged in private practice with three law firms, including Graham & James and Lewis, White & Clay. She has taught at several universities and is a prolific author of scholarly writings in the areas of constitutional law, environmental law, African politics and African-American History.