Howard University

University’s statement regarding Dr. Kamau Kambon

In light of the recent resurfacing of Dr. Kamau Kambon’s comments made during an October, 2005 event held on the law school campus, we are re-posting our October 15, 2005 response , which remained on our website for approximately six weeks after this event. Additionally, Howard University reiterates our commitment to equality, diversity and collective social justice.

Please find below the statement of Howard University’s President about this event.

The Howard University School of Law rented out space on October 14, 2005 for a panel discussion by Black media groups on Hurricane Katrina and Issues Facing African Americans. The event was neither planned nor sanctioned by Howard University. Dr. Kamau Kambon was a speaker at this event. Dr. Kambon is in no way affiliated with Howard University. The statements of Dr. Kambon do not in any way reflect the views of Howard University or the School of Law.

We totally repudiate the statements expressed by Dr. Kambon.