Howard University

Alternative Spring Break 2007: Spring Break New Orleans 2007, “U.P.S. Uplifting Our People Through Service”

All students from HUSL are invited to take part in Spring Break in New Orleans this year. You have a choice of two projects this year.

You will be helping prisoners who have a need for a lawyer. The criminal justice system has never recovered from Katrina and there are people languishing in jails without representation. Your job will be to help out the public defendersí office. This might entail interviewing clients, writing memorandum and researching legal issues. This project is supervised by Professors Ross & Meekins who will provide trainings. [If you want to read some other law student experiences doing this work, go to:] Come here Prof. Colbert talk on January 22 about law student experiences from University of Maryland.

Help build homes in New Orleans and surrounding areas for people whose homes were devastated by Katrina. Some clean up of the areas may also be needed. Many students from Howard participated in this program last Spring break. (12 participant minimum) Note that since all of us have been invited by Habitat to stay in their accommodations, our goal is for 50% of the students to sign up for work with Habitat.

You may take part in the free transportation and accommodations provided courtesy of Main Campusí Alternative Spring Break (ASB). There is a bus that takes 22 hours that has been arranged for the benefit of law students. We need 25 students minimum to enroll by February 9 or the bus may be cancelled. Students may also make their own air fare arrangements. Accommodations are at Habitat for Humanity not far from the French quarter. They are Spartan but very clean. Students must bring a sleeping bag and a pillow. Students may make their own independent accommodations as long as they take responsibility to meet their work groups on time.

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