Howard University

General Services

The following services are provided to graduates of Howard University School of Law upon request:

  1. Free subscription to the alumni job listserv. The Alumni Job Bulletin is emailed monthly; other jobs vacancy announcements and news items pertinent to our graduates are emailed to subscribers upon receipt. To subscribe, please contact us at and provide us your name, address, telephone number, email address, and year of graduation.

  2. Free alumni subscription to the job bank. Please contact us at to obtain subscription information. Please provide your name, year of graduation, email address and telephone number in your request.

  3. Continued access to the Office of Career Services job vacancy announcements and resource library. Please call us in advance of your visit to determine current office hours.

  4. The WESTLAW Career Library is available one year after graduation. Contact the WESTLAW rep for access information at 1-800-WESTLAW. Services for members of the Class of 2005 end May 2006.

  5. Reciprocity Services. If you are searching for employment outside of the Washington, DC area, and wish to visit another law school to review job listings, you must first request the Office of Career Services send a letter to that school requesting reciprocity. Several days notice is required; same day requests will not be honored. Once the letter from HUSL is sent to the law school, you must wait for that school to grant permission for you to visit their career services office. You are not allowed to visit that school’s office before you receive permission. Also note that most schools restrict reciprocity between the months of August and October/November – the peak times for most on-campus recruiting. Finally, you must limit your request for reciprocity to one school per city.

  6. Current directories of legal search firms and temporary agencies for all major U.S. cities is available upon request. Please provide your name, address, and year of graduation when making a request for a directory.

  7. Sample graduate cover letters and resumes are available upon request. Please provide your name, address, and year of graduation when making a request for a cover letter or resume handout.