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Josephine Ross’s Scholarly Papers-SSRN

Blaming The Victim: ‘Consent’ Within The Fourth Amendment And Rape Law, 26 HARVARD JOURNAL OF RACIAL AND ETHNIC JUSTICE 1 (2010).

FROM SLAVERY TO PRISON IN RINKITINK IN OZ, 20 S. Cal. Interdisc. L.J. 107 (2010).

What’s Reliability Got To Do With The Confrontation Clause After Crawford? 14 WIDENER LAW REVIEW 383 (2009).

When Murder Alone Is Not Enough: Forfeiture of the Confrontation Clause After Giles, CRIMINAL JUSTICE JOURNAL Vol. 24:34 (Spring 2009)

Still In Limbo: The Continuing Failed Response To Katrina, 51 HOWARD LAW JOURNAL 565 (2008).

Crawford’s Short-Lived Revolution: How Davis v. Washington Reins In Crawford’s Reach, 83 NORTH DAKOTA LAW JOURNAL 387 (2007).

After Crawford Double-Speak: “Testimony” Does Not Mean Testimony And “Witness” Does Not Mean Witness, 97 JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW & CRIMINOLOGY 147 (2006).

“He Looks Guilty”: Reforming Good Character Evidence To Undercut The Presumption Of Guilt, 65 PITTSBURGH LAW REVIEW 227 (2004).

The Sexualization Of Difference: A Comparison Of Mixed-Race And Same-Gender Marriage, 37 HARVARD CIVIL RIGHTS-CIVIL LIBERTIES LAW REVIEW 255 (2002).

Sex, Marriage And History: Analyzing The Continued Resistance To Same-Sex Marriage, 55 SOUTHERN METHODIST LAW REV. 1657 (2002).

Riddle For Our Times: The Continued Refusal To Apply The Miscegenation Analogy To Same-Sex Marriage, 54 RUTGERS LAW REV. 999 (2002).

Autonomy Versus A Client’s Best Interest: The Defense Lawyer’s Dilemma When Mentally Ill Clients Seek to Control Their Defense, 35 AMERICAN CRIMINAL LAW REVIEW 1343 (1998).

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