Howard University

Clinic Enrollment Process and Admission Timetable

To be eligible for enrollment in any CLC clinical course interested students must complete an Application for Enrollment, interview and be accepted by the Supervising Attorney of the Program for which the student has applied.

Any student who applies to multiple programs must be interviewed by the Supervising Attorney for each program. Students must turn in their application prior to the interview with one of the Supervising Attorneys.

The Application requires that a resume be attached and that the student complete a brief personal statement of interest.

Applications for the Spring 2015 semester are due in the CLC Office (Notre Dame G18) on October 30, 2014 by 4pm.

Additionally, students may sign up for interviews at any time during the CLC Open House Week activities, Wednesday, October 23, and in the CLC Office.

Interviews will be scheduled with the individual Supervising Attorneys during the period of October 23rd through November 6th.

updated: March 26, 2015