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Registration Deadline is November 19, 2014.
Late Registration Deadline is December 20, 2014.

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Each year Howard University School of Law's Charles Hamilton Houston National Moot Court Team sponsors the William Bryant-Moore Moot Court Competition. The Bryant Moore Competition is held in honor of the Honorable William Benson Bryant and Luke Charles Moore.

The Bryant-Moore Moot Court Competition is one of the premiere civil rights competitions in the nation. Law students from across the country gather at our law school to debate current civil rights issues.

Past topics have included the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and whether it violates substantive due process and the equal protection component of the Fifth Amendment, race and whether it should be a factor when assessing potential adoptive parents, Arizona's immigration laws and whether it has effects on minority citizens' rights, and marriage equality and whether a state has limits in regulating the formation and the exclusive benefits it provides to those who are married.

In keeping with the vision of the Bryant Moore Competition, next year's problem will address a current civil rights issue affecting U.S. citizens.