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Equal Justice Program

The Center also serves as the nerve center for public interest resources and programs at HUSL through our Equal Justice Program (EJP). EJP provides opportunities for students to engage in practical experience through volunteer legal and community services experiences.

Equal Justice Program

Services & Programs

Pro Bono Honors Pledge Program

Howard University School of Law has a proud legacy of championing civil rights and social justice causes. The Pro Bono Honors Pledge Program furthers this legacy by encouraging HUSL students to engage in voluntary, uncompensated work on behalf of low-income and underrepresented populations. HUSL students are encouraged to pledge a minimum of 50 hours of pro bono work to be completed during their 3 years of law school. Students who complete the pledge are recognized at graduation and will receive a certificate signed by the Dean.

For more information about the Pro Bono Honors Pledge Program and to find out how to get started, please review the Pro Bono Honors Pledge Program Student Information Packet below.

Pro Bono Student Pledge Forms:

Available online and in the Clinical Law Center (G-18 ND).

Externship Program

Students who wish to receive credit for their work in the public sector may enroll in Howard’s Externship Program during either the summer or the academic semesters. The objective of the Externship Program is to teach students, through practical experiences, about the operation of the legal system and the role of lawyers in that system. Students enrolled in the Externship Program work for one semester at a designated field placement at a government, nonprofit, or public interest organization or agency in the Washington, D.C. area.

Please see Externship Program link under the Clinical Law Center website.

Students interested in the Externship Program must apply one semester in advance and be accepted into the program.

Public Interest Career Planning

Navigating a public interest career path can be confusing and at times, frustrating. EJP seeks to assist students who decide to take this noble path with individual career counseling and public interest career resources. Students are encouraged to stop by the Clinic to set up an appointment with the Equal Justice Program Coordinator for individual counseling sessions. A wonderful online resource for public interest minded students in the Public Service Law Network or PSID. Students can register for an account by identifying Howard Law as their law school. Once a member, students can search a dataase of public interest interships and job opportunities as well as have access to a great library of information ranging from career planning to pursuing post-graduate fellowships. In addition to EJP, the Office of Career Services is instrumental to planning a successful public interest career. Be sure to stop by OCS (214 ND) to find out about other career-related resources and services.

As a starting point, check out the Public Interest Resume & Cover Letter Tips.

Handout available online and in the Public Interest Resource Center.

Public Interest Programming

EJP works closely with the Office of Career Services and several public interest student groups to coordinate public interest programs throughout the academic year. Programs generally take place during the lunch hour and most require that you register in order to attend. Be on the look out for the Lunch with a Lawyer series, Public Interest Career Panel, Prosecutors & Defenders Panel, and Public Interest Career Fair which will take place in January.

updated: january 29, 2016