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Human Rights & Globalization Law Review

The Human Rights and Globalization Law Review (Law Review) is a voluntary, student-managed and faculty-supervised, unofficial publication at Howard University School of Law. In 2007, the Law Review became the successor to the Howard Scroll: Social Justice Law Review (Scroll). Expounding upon the foundation of Scroll, the Law Review seeks to publish timely articles that focus on and contribute to an ever-changing, national and international, legal landscape.

In line with the mission of the law school, the purpose of the Law Review is to enhance scholarly dialogue on various issues of humanity, equal justice, social policy and worldwide development. Accordingly, the Law Review serves as a legal and academic outlet for addressing thoughtful questions, and proffering answers about topics such as poverty, human trafficking, company outsourcing, genocide, mass incarceration, women’s and children’s rights, and the wide-ranging implications of war.

As the first internationally focused academic publication at the law school, the Law Review enables students, to hone their legal research and writing skills, while imparting them with knowledge and appreciation for a legal system that demands greater global concern. The Law Review further provides students, as current and future social engineers of the world, with an opportunity to gain a sophisticated awareness and specialized experience that is highly sought after by national and international employers.

Members of the Law Review are comprised of second and third year students selected through a write-on competition held during each academic year. As a member of the Law Review, Student Editors assist authors in their endeavors to publish scholarly articles by conducting advanced substantive and technical editorial work. The Editor-in-Chief oversees all editorial and organizational decision-making for the Law Review and, together with the Managing Editor, facilitates governing affairs. The Law Review is published annually during the Spring, whereby each publication may contain articles, book reviews, and seminar papers authored by legal professional, and notes and comments authored by students of Howard University School of Law. The Law Review is disseminated to over 150 law schools in the United States and Canada, and is accessible through Westlaw and Lexis/Nexis.

2014-2015 Membership
Editorial Board
Dominique Wales
Danielle D. Brown
Managing Editor
Rashida Davis
Executive Articles Editor
Simeon Yerokun
Executive Technical Editor
Latisha Rivera
Solicitations Editor
Chrystal Williams
Executive Notes & Comments Editor
Debasha Cox
Business Manager
Members 2014-2015
3L Members
Ubah Ali
Nick Codd
Etherial Edetan
Juan Gonzalez
Karissa Johnson
Natasha Mcfarland
Shanney Myers
Kellye Thompson
Milne Young

2L Members
Maleaha Brown
Jimmie Covington
Lovelyn Folashade
Candice James
D’Juan Jones
Brittani McKnight
Ja’Celynn Porter
Vianca Simpson
Lewis Sutton
Albert Thomas
James Underwood
Thomas Woods

Faculty Advisor - W. Sherman Rogers

updated: March 9, 2015