Howard University

Investor Justice and Education Clinic (IJEC)

The Law School was recently awarded a grant by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation to establish a comprehensive clinical education program in Investor Advocacy. The program opened in Fall 2010 with a pilot, developmental phase during which a small group of students, their supervising attorney and the clinical director will develop the educational and advocacy curriculum, implement procedures, policies, training materials and outreach programs. As student attorneys in the clinic, students will learn the basics of investment law, practice and procedure and will work on a limited number of investor cases as administrative advocates, researchers and legal representatives in arbitration matters. Students in the clinic must have taken or be concurrently registered in a seminar in corporations, securities regulation or an approved securities or externship course.

In the classroom component,students will study various aspects of securities regulation, including the regulation of broker-dealers, the roles of various organizations, and the legal and business skills required to resolve small investor claims. Particular emphasis will be placed on the Securities Act of 1933 and Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as well as the Investment Advisers Act and other state and local controls on investments in securities. Students will work on a limited number of actual cases accepted by the Supervising Attorney and will also be required to complete major educational and outreach projects designated by the Supervising Attorney.

Students in the IJEC are required to participate in a mandatory orientation program, during the week prior to the beginning of classes. During this orientation, students will receive in-depth training in ethics and professional responsibility.

April 21, 2015