2012 World Food Law Symposium
Cooperatives and Development:
Meeting the Challenges of Finance, Research and Law

Dr. Catherine Woteki
Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education and Economics
The 2012 World Food Law Symposium was held in Washington, D.C. on December 4, 2012. Cooperatives as Agents of Change was the theme of the opening Remarks by Robert Johnson, President of the National Farmers Union. Dr. Catherine Woteki, Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education and Economics at USDA gave the Keynote Remarks , describing How Cooperation in Global Agricultural Research Will Help Build a Sustainable Future.

The first panel began with remarks by a farmer from Threlkeld Farm Dairy/Organic Valley Cooperative, whose remarks and comments during the discussion illustrated the dedication and passion of young farmers who are producing high quality and high value food as part of the cooperative movement in the U.S. Other panels featured the views of an FAO Liaison Officer who has studied cooperatives, diplomats from Malawi and Mozambique, attorneys from law firms and transnational corporations, cooperatives specialists at the National Cooperative Business Association and U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council, and NGOs including the World Cocoa Foundation and Florida State University.

The Symposium was opened by Professor Marsha Echols, Director of the World Food Law institute. The concluding remarks were given by Nicolas Nelson, Director of the FAO Liaison Office for North America. The remarks of several speakers will be published by the World Food Law Institute.
Roger Johnson,
National Farmers Union
Ms. Ana Maria Raquel Alberto,
Commercial Counselor,
Embassy of Mozambique
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